How do you top one of the most addicting online combat and real-time strategy games? By making one even more impressive.

We’re talking about Stick War 2, the very solid sequel to Stick War 1. Both games are available online and both have the perfect blend of fast action and immersive, addictive gameplay. In Stick War 1, you’re the leader of a nation called “Order” right in the middle of several warring countries in the world of Inamorta. This makes you a perfect target for every other nation out to make a name for itself.

Your goal is to put up a good defense and repel any attacks to your territory. At the same time, you can go on the offensive to try to expand your own region, plus find plenty of power-ups to enhance your abilities.

The sequel, Stick War 2, picks up after you conquered the land but the countryside once again is returning to chaos.

Your previous subjects have started rebelling and joining with others, and soon it’s time to secure your borders, quash dissent, tame the forces of Chaos and make the world a unified nation under the Rule of Order.

Though every character has stick-like features, there are different types of soldiers at your command, such as archers, who fire arrows; miners, who dig for gold to keep your army funded plus mana to keep everyone’s energy high; the Magickill, who are wizardy-looking stick people who can cause explosions; spear throwers; clerics who can heal; and giants who love to get right in the middle of things and start swinging.

There’s also some new characters, such as Shadowraths, which are stealthy and have ninja powers; and the Albowtross, a flying range unit that shoots crossbows.

On the Chaos side you’ll find other bad folks, such as the Dead, an undead range unit; and Medusa, which can turn opposing armies to stone.

In Stick War 2, you don’t have to control individual soldiers on the battlefield, but you can use your mouse to control various units of warriors or even all the units at once. Some specific commands require pressing a certain key to toggle something on and off.

Along with the regular combat, players also need to improve their defenses and cities, such as creating different buildings. Each type of building, such as a Mage Guild or Giants Paradise, also offers some opportunities to train and update.

Playing Stick War 2 online does require you to register before playing, although registration is free. This is because each player needs a username, which can be seen by other players during chat sessions.

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