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Stick War 2

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stickThere are many games where a player can build an empire and defend it from foreigners who double as enemies. One of those online games you can enjoy is Stick War 2, the second and latest part of the well known game, as it has all you expect from an empire which you will be the king. There are many enemies who can attack you in Stick War 2 and one of them is the Roman Soldiers. You have watched in several movies with ancient romans and how they are fought. Things are not different here and you will have to use similar weapons to attack them before they take over your caste. It takes ages before you can build your own empire and it will be sad for an enemy to bring it down in just a single war. Having that said you will need an array of weapons to whip them out. Here, you will have to unleash your Archers, Giants, Wizards, and Swordsman typically to counter attack the Roman Soldiers. To control Stick War 2 game you will basically use the computer mouse most often to train your fighters. The best place to train your fighters is anywhere within your castle as long as it has a wall to keep off enemy. They may steal your tricks by learning how your armies are equipped or trained. They can also hold garrisons within your empire as they train on different attacking skills. Move the army you are training by pressing the "A" button which triggers an attack move. For your man to hold position, you will have to press the "H" button. The "Space Bar" is used to highlight all your combat team. The last but not the least which is obvious is "P" for pausing. Now it's time, you should start getting rid of the Roman soldiers using the simple instructions and enjoy the game.

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